Milbrodale Farm

Milbrodale Farm is the incarnation of a lifelong dream and the combined determination of Lizzie and Brodie.

It is our intention to tell the story of Milbrodale and how we came to acquire this little tract of land, but it is going to be an ongoing story.

As is often the case when stories are told, they change, depending on who is doing the telling, and, inevitably, sometimes the same story may have many different variations. In order to avoid this problem, and to be able to tell the story in the most accurate way, we are going to start, not at the beginning, but at the beginning of what we know and gradually add to the story as we unearth those pearls of history that have a tendency to pop up in a conversation you have,  with a complete stranger, in the general dealer store, on a Sunday morning, when you are picking up some extra bacon for those unexpected guests that just rocked up last night.

We will research, speak to people, dig up archives and piece the story together in the most accurate and unbiased way possible and gradually add to the dialogue as we discover more and more.

So come on this journey with us. Help us learn about this wonderful little part of the land, and if you have any information or historical facts about the Milbrodale area, we welcome you to give us a call or send us an email.

So, let’s start with what we know………



What we do


Nestled in a grove of mature ironbark trees, shielded from the prevailing winds and overlooking the vines and olive grove, is your home away from home, the shed house.



Vines are the lifeblood of the hunter valley and also probably the main motivation for us to go into this venture in the first place.I think most people who have sipped...



One of our ongoing projects at Milbrodale Farm, is to get our first olive crop on the trees. We have in the region of 160 mature trees – both table and oil olives – that we would really like to get back into production.


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