How it all began

Nestled in the heart of Milbrodale, our story begins in December 1995 when the Law family, acquired this precious piece of land. Known as Gremida Grove at the time, little did they know the wonderful journey that would unfold.

By November/December 1996, the farm was already buzzing with activity. The olive grove was mapped out, and the groundwork began as the slab for the original shed was cast. With the dawn of January 1997, construction on the buildings had begun.

On Australia Day 1997, the first olive trees were lovingly planted, anchoring our commitment to the land and the bountiful harvests it would bear.

The original farm shed, now fondly known as “The Shed House,” underwent quite the transformation. What began as rudimentary accommodation evolved into a comfortable and unique cottage, though the exact date of this transformation is not known to us. This cozy dwelling has been a testament to the farm’s evolving spirit.

The Law family, through the years, nurtured the farm with devotion and dedication. John Law, the heart and soul of the venture, oversaw the production of many fine vintages until his untimely passing. Following his departure, the Law family continued to care for the farm, preserving his legacy in every vine and olive tree.

In July 2018, a new chapter in the Milbrodale Farm story began as Liz and Brodie took the helm. With a deep respect for the property’s history, they decided to rename it Milbrodale Farm. The name perfectly encapsulated its essence—situated in Milbrodale and a thriving farm. It was a name chosen with both haste and love, and it has since become an integral part of the farm’s identity.

The journey has been a steep learning curve, filled with passion, hard work, and a profound connection to the land. We look forward to the day when we can call Milbrodale Farm home full-time, as we continue to cherish its past and nurture its future. Join us on this enchanting journey where the past meets the present, and the legacy of Milbrodale Farm continues to flourish.

We are grateful to the Law family for sharing the images below of the early days of Gremida Grove. CLICK on the thumbnails to see a larger image