Grapes and Olives



Our primary grape crop at Milbrodale Farm is Shiraz, covering approximately 1.6 hectares.

Also known as Syrah globally, Shiraz grapes are a dark-skinned variety extensively cultivated for winemaking. Originating in the Rhône Valley of France, these grapes have gained global popularity and thrive in warm climates. They produce wines with rich, full-bodied flavours, featuring dark fruit notes like blackberry and plum, sometimes accompanied by blueberry nuances.

Shiraz wines often display spicy undertones, with black pepper and clove aromas adding complexity. The grape's adaptability has led to successful cultivation in regions such as Australia, California, South Africa, and South America, resulting in a range of wine styles, from bold and tannic to approachable and fruit-forward, showcasing the grape's versatility in expressing different terroirs.


Our second variety on the farm is Chambourcin. Starting to gain popularity with the new generation of wine lovers. Chambourcin grapes are a hybrid variety developed in France during the 1950s, and have gained recognition for their versatility and ability to thrive in diverse climates.

Created by crossing the Seibel and Chancellor grape varieties, Chambourcin is known for its deep purple, almost black, thick-skinned berries. This grape is particularly valued in winemaking for its resistance to various diseases and its adaptability to both cool and warm climates.

Chambourcin wines are characterized by a dark colour, often accompanied by flavours of black cherry, plum, and a subtle spiciness. The grape's inherent acidity and moderate tannins contribute to wines with good structure, making it suitable for both varietal and blended expressions.

Chambourcin has found a home in vineyards across the United States, Canada, Australia and other regions, producing wines that range from lighter, fruity styles to more robust and complex offerings, showcasing the grape's diverse potential in the world of winemaking. We have 1 acre of Chambourcin.

Muscat grapes near harvest

Muscat and Cabernet Sauvignon

We currently only have one row of Muscat vines and about 50 Cab Sav vines, we are gradually increasing our quantities but as yet, do not use them for commercial purposes.


We have 5 different varieties of Olives at Milbrodale Farm. Please open the different boxes below to read about each variety

Kalamata olives, originating from the region of Kalamata in Greece, are renowned for their distinctive almond shape, dark purple to black hue, and rich, fruity flavour. 

These olives are often prized for their meaty texture and are commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine, salads, and as a flavourful addition to various dishes. Known for their briny and slightly sweet taste, Kalamata olives are a popular choice among olive enthusiasts worldwide.

California Queen olives are characterized by their large size, elongated shape, and glossy green appearance. These olives have a firm texture and a mild, nutty flavor, making them suitable for various culinary applications. 

Often used in salads, appetizers, or as a garnish, California Queen olives are prized for their versatility and are a favorite choice among those seeking a milder olive taste.

Manzanillo olives, hailing from Spain, are recognized for their medium size, rounded shape, and distinctive purple-brown to black color when fully ripe, although they are best eaten when they are green. Known for their meaty and firm texture, these olives boast a mildly fruity and nutty flavor profile. 

Manzanillo olives are widely used in Mediterranean cuisine, enjoyed both as table olives and pressed for their high-quality oil. With their versatile taste and appearance, Manzanillo olives contribute to a variety of dishes, from salads to tapenades, showcasing their popularity in the world of culinary delights.

Sevillano olives, originating from Spain, are recognized for their large size, oval shape, and vibrant green colour. These olives are commonly used for both table consumption and olive oil production. 

With a firm and meaty texture, Sevillano olives offer a mildly briny and slightly nutty flavor. Often found in Mediterranean dishes and enjoyed as a snack or appetizer, these olives contribute to a variety of culinary creations, showcasing their versatility in both traditional and modern cuisine.

Frantoio olives, originating from Italy, are highly esteemed for their use in olive oil production. These small to medium-sized olives feature an oval shape and a vibrant green color. Known for their high oil content and robust, peppery flavor, Frantoio olives contribute to the creation of premium-quality extra virgin olive oils. 

Their distinctive taste profile, often described as both fruity and bitter, makes them a preferred choice for enhancing the flavor of salads, dips, and various culinary creations. With a rich heritage in Italian olive oil production, Frantoio olives continue to be celebrated for their contribution to the world of high-quality olive oils.