Spring and Bud burst

Watching the vines through winter, (especially once they have been pruned) is like watching paint dry, nothing much happens. Occasionally I would walk up to one of the vines and gently touch one of the velvety little buds protruding from the knurled trunk, hoping to see some sign of life, maybe a little greenery, maybe […]


Who would have thought that there were so many ways to skin a cat, or, in our case, to cut a vine! This past weekend, we spent the weekend at the farm with our friend Margaret. We had grandiose plans of quickly learning how to prune whereafter we would attack the vines with vigour and […]


Vines are the lifeblood of the hunter valley and also probably the main motivation for us to go into this venture in the first place. I think most people who have sipped a nice glass of wine, have at some point, late at night, around the campfire, thought about the prospect of owning a wine farm, […]


One of our ongoing projects at Milbrodale Farm, is to get our first olive crop on the trees. We have in the region of 160 mature trees – both table and oil olives – that we would really like to get back into production. Check back with us regularly to find out how we are […]

The Shed House

Nestled in a grove of mature ironbark trees, shielded from the prevailing winds and overlooking the vines and olive grove, is your home away from home, the shed house. Called the shed house because only a few years ago, this WAS the shed. The place where tractors, farm equipment, and maturing wine was stored, but, […]